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Smart WhatsApp Web Tool

A perfect solution for smarter marketing, business development, and customer relationship management campaigns! It can also be used to use enhanced WhatsApp features for professional or personal use.

Add more privacy and smart features to your WhatsApp with our smart WhatsApp web tool. It can be used for WhatsApp marketing, one to one communication, and many other business use cases.


No additional software is required to access all amazing features. All features are available in your WhatsApp web.


No changes are required in your WhatsApp web or WhatsApp app, still, all features are accessible.


No privacy concerns as we do not ask for your phone number or any other permissions to access your phone or system files or details.


No huge expenses. It is available at economical rates.

Key features:

Key features of this offered smart WhatsApp for business and personal use are segmented into four sections:

1. Business Tools

Business tools provide a wide array of features to empower businesses, which use WhatsApp as one of the main communication channels. Businesses can now take complete advantage of smart WhatsApp marketing.



Run a WhatsApp broadcasting campaign without violating the rules of WhatsApp messaging to prevent your WhatsApp account from getting blocked. 


You can create multiple WhatsApp message templates to use in broadcasting and other auto messaging features such as smart replies, schedule messages, etc.


You can choose to send a broadcast message to any of the following audiences:

  • Contacts
  • Groups
  • Labels
  • Broadcast lists
  • Countries (To all contacts of specific countries)
  • Imported from the list
  • Imported from the CRM

You can choose the time interval between messages to follow WhatsApp messaging rules, even during the WhatsApp broadcasting campaign. 


You can schedule a broadcasting campaign for a later time and date or start the campaign immediately.

Smart Replies

WhatsApp auto replies can be created using this feature of the smart business WhatsApp tool. This feature will send auto replies based on keyword matching. You can add multiple keywords to send the right smart replies automatically.

You can add dynamic fields in the smart replies such as the name of the person, company name, etc.

You can create message templates, or choose from the already created smart reply WhatsApp bots. Message templates can be of any of the following formats:

  • Text
  • Link/ Video
  • File
  • vCard

You can define multiple more actions to take full advantage of WhatsApp smart reply features. Some of the features are:

  • Smart reply only on specific days such as weekends, holidays, etc.
  • Smart reply only in groups
  • Do not reply when chat is active
  • Smart reply only if the whole keyword matches
  • Send quoted reply
  • Show typing status before sending a smart reply
  • Label the chat after sending a smart reply
  • Send reply immediately or after a predefined delay
  • Block the sender instead of replying
Scheduled Messages

You can create message templates with any of the below mentioned format and schedule that message to be sent.

  • Text
  • Link/ Video. It will also show a snippet of the link or video along with the link or video.
  • File
  • vCard

You can also select multiple messages to be sent at a different time.

Group Tools

You can take automated actions related to WhatsApp groups using this feature of the smart WhatsApp web tool. 

1. Clone Group

It will let you create a clone of a selected WhatsApp group with the same members. You can edit the name and group icon if needed. You will be the admin of the cloned group.

2. Destroy Group

It will automatically remove all members of a group one by one, including, admin and delete the group. To use this feature, you have to hold admin access to the group.

3. Bulk Join Groups

You can automatically join or send requests to join multiple groups based on specific criteria.

4. Duplicate Finder

You can find groups, which have the same members and the nature of the group in WhatsApp. 

  • You can generate a WhatsApp widget to put on your website, app, or any other place.
  • When someone clicks on that widget aka button, he/ she can directly send a WhatsApp message to you.
  • It lets you sync contacts of any other app or software with your WhatsApp with a single click. By default, our smart WhatsApp tool will not sync your contacts to give complete privacy and control to you.

2. Export

As the name suggests, it can let you export your WhatsApp contacts into different file formats such as Excel, CSV, etc. You can choose which type of contacts you want to export. Here are the available criteria:

  • All contacts list
  • All chats contacts list
  • Contacts from specific groups
  • Contacts from specific broadcasts
  • Contacts from specific labels
  • Contacts from specific countries

While exporting contacts, you can choose what data you need out of the following

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Country
  • Last message text
  • Last message date
  • Last message type
  • Last message status
  • Labels
  • Exclude saved contacts

3. Enhancements

It gives a wide array of features to augment your experience with some enhanced features such as:

  • Blurring private information from the screen such as
  1. Contact names
  2. Contact photo
  3. Last message of the contact
  4. All conversation messages of contacts until seen with a highlight
  • Restoring deleted messages
  • Hiding online status (Invisible mode)
  • Hiding typing status
  • Disabling read receipt
  • Enabling lock screen to lock WhatsApp web
  • Enabling contact status
  • Enabling to start a conversation with unsaved contacts
  • Enabling status download button
  • Enabling message reactions buttons similar to Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Enabling full screen on large device screens
  • Freeze chat list on message submission
  • Playing voice messages without showing played receipt 
  • Seeing status without showing seen receipt 
  • Notification when a contact gets online
  • Highlighting online contacts
  • Keeping contact info open during a conversation
  • Pin chats (Unlimited) 
  • Pinning your unread chats to the top of the conversations list.
  • Speeding up voice message playback
  • Customizing chat window wallpaper
  • WhatsApp Web night mode
  • Posting text and media statuses directly from WhatsApp Web

4. Statistics

It gives graphical statistics of your WhatsApp data. Some of the information shown in the graphical statistics is as below:

  • Number of saved contacts
  • Total number of chats
  • Total personal chats
  • Total group chats
  • Number of broadcast campaigns
  • Device details 
  • Number of deleted messages
  • Contact activity tracker
  • Call logs

Pricing Plans


Enhacements, Export & Statistics Section

15,000 INR

What's included:
Privacy Settings
Customization Section

Pro (Recommended)

Manage your business smartly with business tool

20,000 INR

What's included:
All Essential Features
Business Tools
Broadcasting (Bulk Messaging)
Smart Replies
Click to Chat Generator
Groups Tools
Scheduled Messages
Disabled Read Receipts

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